The Truth Behind Wind River

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The Truth Behind Wind River

*If you have not seen Wind River there are spoilers below*

Wind River  is a movie which is about a teenage girl who is given a great injustice when she is first raped. Along with the later investigation into the less than normal circumstances behind her death.

The scene is set during the beginning when the screen brings up an image of a girl running through the snow. She ends up dying not because of the rape which is committed to her but rather because of what the cold tends to do to your lungs when extremely cold air  is inhaled continuously. Cold air tends to caused the lungs to freeze and eventually it results in the freezing of air particles which results in a person’s lungs freezing. Bottom line the end result is that you more than likely end up drowning in your own blood.

The movie was created by the revelation when the director which is to be mentioned Taylor Sheridan heard about the brutal unsolved murders which had taken place.

The Truth Behind the Wind River Reservation 

The truth behind the Wind River reservation is that it is much like many other Indian Reservations which have more than a slight unemployment rate and a life expectancy which is earth-shattering. I’m going to call the Wind River Reservation WR to save time in writing because having to write out Wind River constantly is tiresome. But on the WR there is a life expectancy of 49 years old and there is an unemployment rate of more than 80 percent which has only managed to grow ever since. The basis of the movie of WR is that there is the basis that there are many unsolved murders which give this movie an evidential basis because of the horrifying statistic. The Indian Tribes which the reservation consists of is the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes.

A horrifying statistic which was discovered at the very end of the movie which is true is this very line.

“While there are missing person statistics are compiled for every single demographic, there are none which exist for Native American women.”

The way in which the director and the creator of this movie discovered the statistic was that before even creating this movie Taylor Sheridan had two or three researchers look into a statistic. A statistic about the actual care which there was for Native American women, and there was none in the regard that if someone from Native American background went missing. These researchers spent two or three months as they searched into trying to find a tangible statistic and there was none. The two people came back and talked about how there was no statistic to be found and Taylor Sheridan told the researchers that this was their statistic.

There is apart from these statistics more than one horrible statistics which have to be considered. There is a horrifying statistics that Native American women are more likely to be raped at a rate which is four times the national average. There is also the horrifying statistic that Native American Women are ten times  more likely to be murdered than your average American. This horrifying statistic is also accompanied by the aspect of something which should shake you to the very core.

The truth of the matter is that there is the aspect which many people don’t mention. A white man who comes onto a reservation, should he commit a crime can only be punished on the particular reservation by that very particular reservation police. If the person who committed this crime is caught outside the reservation then the person cannot be convicted of a crime unless there is an actual felony. Which brings up the question. As to whether we are truly better than the people which we called savages, when we invaded their homeland and took away their land. And more often we never kept our own word when we made the supposed peace agreements. 

Wind River Reservation Page 


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*Credit goes to Anna Klassen who wrote the original article which inspired me.*


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  1. A human condition we have to take up the responsibility to heal relationship towards ourselves and to my next to me human being

    • This is true. Sometimes we often get too caught up in our lives when everything around us is so awful that we forget to realize that other people have it even worse.

      • I would like to salute you for the extraordinary analysis you gave written specially the last part! What only matters in this life is how human we are and how we will be remembered by the next generations! This is how civilization is measured!

        Thank you for making me aware of the comment that was posted. Not only do I cherish your comment I am glad you brought to my attention about the vile comment below. The comment has been dealt with. This article is about the rape and injustice dealt and should not be about the fact that they believe certain people rape less. The fact that people are raped is an injustice. The comment has been dealt with and I thank you again for bringing this to my attention

  2. I’m sorry that it took so long to reply to this I am a college student and I wanted to be able to research into the subject before I made any changes to the article. I will try to make the appropriate changes this weekend but it may have to be pushed to mid next week but I have researched and been able to look into the statistics and Hispanics are the highest with whites being the third and blacks being the second.

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