Caroline Herrin

22 October 2018

British Literature1660 to Present

Dr. Leah Benedict



The common theme which is visible throughout the entire book of Frankensteinby Mary Shelley is the comparison of the monstrosity of the so-called monster versus the monstrosity of the entire society as a whole. The comparison which is seen during multiple moments throughout the book which happens even before the creature which has been labeled a monster has even come into creation. The true question which will be approached here will not be the monstrosity of the actual so-called monster but rather that it will address the monster of Frankenstein and who the actual monster truly is. The question of whether the true monster is the one which Frankenstein created or the society.

At the beginning of Frankenstein there is the very obvious display of how Doctor Frankenstein is even a monster himself because of one aspect which even brings his character into question near the very beginning. An observation could easily be made about how Frankenstein is overly egotistical even at the very beginning of the novel is when Frankenstein is witness to the sight of the lightning. The sight of the lightning should have been something to have been feared but Frankenstein was more amazed and even in awe about the destruction which the force of nature. (Shelley 70). The ego in this is when there is a mention made of how he did not feel inclined to study any modern system which clearly displays how he thinks that ordinary subjects are below him. The evidence of just how consistent the pride of Frankenstein is which links the thought that the man is consistently power hungry. The evidence is seen when later in his life while the Doctor is working towards producing his own dominion over death. Lines which talk of how much pride there is in the fact that he alone has managed to accomplish what the so-called wisest minds not in history but rather since the creation of the world were unable to accomplish. (Shelley 78-79). The power which Frankenstein thinks that he possesses because of how he has managed to obtain life over death displays how much of a monster the Doctor is rather than the monster which he managed to actually create in the novel. The focus upon how powerful Frankenstein thinks he is because of this truly goes to show how much of a monster the man is because of how he speaks. The man thinks that he himself is above God which is shown when there is mention made of how he found such an astonishing power to be placed right in his own very hands that he should think upon the manner in which he should use the power. (Shelley 80). The focus should be placed upon the text and how there is the constant focus upon what should and should not be done. The focus which Frankenstein completely ignores each and every moment when there is the possible chance for him to have less power or even less of a foothold in reference to anyone else in the novel. The evidence for this is when the man chooses to wield the power which he himself discovered over life and death instead of just letting it lie. (Shelley 80). The focus which the text places upon the power which Frankenstein believes that he has is shown as well when he mentions about how he is going to show the world a new way and that he is going to reveal all of the secrets of creation. The lines which reveal that the focus upon power which Frankenstein wants to constantly possess is more important than the thought that maybe having power over life and death would not be the best thing for the world to possess.

The literature gives evidence even more that the man believes that he is above punishment and that he will not be punished for his own delving into the wonders of life and death. The evidence of this very fact is shown in the very lines during which Frankenstein’s first creation comes into being. There is the focus upon how exactly the monster was meant to be beautiful because he was given all of the most beautiful parts which the Doctor would have been able to find which is even more morose and even morbid.(Shelley 83).  The focus should be placed upon the fact that even though the monster would be a sight to behold because of the different limbs which he would have there is another ugliness which Frankenstein would see at least in my own interpretation. The horror and the ugly nature which the Doctor would actually see would be the aspect that he had toiled and worked extremely hard for something which had never been achieved only to achieve a goal of something which should not have been acquired. When Frankenstein talks of how no person could have ever supported the horror which he had managed to create by achieving this power over life and death. (Shelley 84).

The Doctor during the story of Frankenstein is arguably much more of a monster than what the public views as his own monsters because of these factors in the literature. Frankenstein a man who was clearly very intelligent was incredibly naïve as well which is shown by how much ignorance that the man has when he is constantly talking of how he is going to be the man who has the power and even the dominion over life and death. The lack of thought which Frankenstein has during the entirety of the book of how exactly his own research and his very own study and science is going to affect everyone around him clearly shows the monster which was personified and even magnified because of what could be called his own success over life and death. The man realizes that there was no success over life and death as soon as he sees the monster because there is that realization that he had given life to something which was empty and would possibly have no soul or even any type of deciding factor with what is regarded as good and bad.

The relevance of Frankenstein’s own monstrosity during the book is that there is the constant label which is placed upon the monster and how just because he has such a different appearance that he is what he is labeled as. The monster in a story which he was just the victim that had no control over his own creation. Frankenstein is proven to be more of the monster because of how he was able to obtain life over death. The power which he obtained he chose to wield and to even use for his own personal benefit than to let the power over life and death remain in the grave. The reason as to why I placed such an importance upon this is because of the aspect in the story which places the heavy importance upon how much of a monster the first creation is. There is not as much of a focus placed upon the person who created the monster who would become the outcast because of how Frankenstein did not think. The real monster of the story should actually be placed upon the man who thought that he was more than capable of being able to properly wield a power such as life and death without consequence. The importance of the story is not that there was the monster which was given life which he was unable to enjoy. Rather the focus should be upon the fact that there was a monster who made it so that his own creation would constantly suffer even though that was not his intention. The man should not have meddled with powers which would be beyond his own control and this is the point. The main focus which is that the monster which is Frankenstein is the true monster of the story because of how his thoughtlessness and naivete managed to affect everyone around him.