The Wonders of Fan Fiction

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The Wonders of Fan Fiction


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Fan fiction is something which I am passionate as an avid reader and as someone who constantly is in search of something to read. The main factor which led to me finding about fan fiction was when I during High School realized that there had to be something that I could possibly do to save money in the regard to books and the money which I was burning because of how many books which I would buy. A thousand-page book would last me at the most a week and that was only if I did not have a chance to read every single day. A thousand-page book would last only last me up to two to three days and this was if I had time to read every single day. Which was when the love for fan fiction came into play.


Fan fiction is something which I have found can be universally enjoyed by anyone because of how there is practically fan fiction about everything which has been created under the sun. I have yet to find a movie or even a television show or even book without at least some type of fan fiction even if there are less than ten stories in some fandoms’ case.

There is fan fiction on everything from books and television shows to musicals and even movies. The broad spectrum which fan fiction has is what caught my attention and has still managed to maintain my attention because of the wide variety and the multitude of new stories which are continually written each and every day. The joy of reading fan fiction has never diminished for me because of the ability of so many of these writers.  The general public does not realize that in fan fiction there are so many amazing writers and incredible plots and even storylines which these very writers have managed to capture and create in what has been written down for everyone around them to enjoy.

There is no way that I am going to lie and say that every single writer online as a fan fiction writer is an amazing writer because that in itself would be a complete and utter lie. The truth when dealing with fan fiction is that when reading from this genre in literature that there needs to be a matter of perspective because of how these are not professional writers. These people are not paid for the most part and these are people who write fan fiction in their own free time. The joy of reading fan fiction though is that there is the constant discovery of how people choose to interpret and to give their own view as to how a scene should have ended or how the writer wanted a scene to play out on the big screen or in the ink from a book. Which is why there is such joy when reading fan fiction because of the constant interpretation and different approach on a scene which some of us have seen time and time again or even read repeatedly.


There is not really any true way of finding the exact story which you are looking for when reading fan fiction because what each person is looking for is special to them. The fan fiction which I read is more focused upon books, movies and television shows. Each person should expand from their own love occasionally because of how you can find writers and even stories which can help in writing novels and even in finding a new perspective which can give insight into your own writing. Fan fiction can range from Avengers to Lord of the Rings the ideas for fan fiction are endless.

The best idea though that I have found when reading fan fiction is to have an idea in mind as to what exactly you are looking for. When searching for fan fiction you need to keep in mind that there are millions upon millions of stories underneath this genre of literature.

Fan fiction has so many fandoms and smaller categories because practically every form of media in today’s modern age and even movies from twenty to thirty years ago has some type of fan fiction which has been written about it.

When writing this article, I looked up the most prominent fan fiction categories and was not surprised in the most when upon looking on fan that there were over seven hundred thousand different types of stories of varying types. The main website which I use when searching for fan fiction is Archive because Archive  is my own personal favorite. The reasoning behind this is because of the ease in which the search engine makes finding fan fiction but also because there is a vast difference. The difference in the skill of the writers because fan has amazing writers but I have found that there is a more consistent ratio of amazing writers on archive.


The thought which each individual needs to keep in mind though is that when you are reading fan fiction there needs to be the thought that these people are writing for themselves for the most part. These people took the time to write down what they thought and how exactly they thought that events should have gone down during the book or even during the movie which they are writing fan fiction about. With this in mind make sure that you are being kind should you choose to rate or even to comment upon a work which a person has taken the time to write. Fan fiction writers are people which are often writing to improve their own skills or even to practice because they are trying to improve their own skills which they are trying to hone to write books of their own. So, with these thoughts in mind make sure that when you comment that you are not just looking to put someone down even if their writing is not the best which you have ever found on the internet.

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