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In the essay or review in which Lisa Dish writes she summarizes exactly how content affects the writing in the present day. She defines content and uses multiple characteristics in helping to define content such as that it is conditional, computable, networked and commodified. She also discusses how different aspects of the present day and time affect content. These differences include things such as digital aspects, how metaphors affect content and even also describing how there is a need to go beyond the designs and the multimodality in regard to content. The writer compares and contrasts the upsides and the downsides to what exactly she is trying to portray in this article. Which is that content is an ever-changing and even constantly different aspect in the common day. The points which Lisa points out in addition to regard that ignoring differences and similarities in modern day life.


Positive Aspects

The positive aspect in the description that the conditional and computable status of content is inseparable from one of its core features, that it is indeed networked is an extremely valid point. Because the upside of this statement proves even more so that content is not simply an object that merely exists, but that it is constantly being affected by the happenings and the occurrences of the modern day which continues to move around it. The side note which discusses that the real danger lies in the ignorance of content and how it continues to change the rhetorical game was a point which is very valid. Because of the aspect that there cannot be the lack of attention in regard to content because of the fact that content is ever-changing which the article suggests. That the lack of compliance and that any field that ignores change risks a particular type of treatment of this ignorance which can cause not just a singular missed opportunity when in regard to growth. The aspect of this article is that there is not just an explanation of each and every thing which the writer discusses. There is also multiple examples and the use of further proof as to why exactly the writer believes and even rationalizes the way which she chooses to think. For example when the writer is talking about the earliest days of content management, there is not just a simple explanation as to why the writer believes why her explanation is true.


My Own Perspective

The view which the writer is trying to get across is very clear and precise but there is often times an almost detached explanation. The writer may forget that they are trying to explain their very own point to an audience, and that they need to ensure that the audience is able to follow completely. There are points in which the writer defines what exactly is trying to be said. For example when the author is talking about the conceived view on digital assets, there is the definition which is displayed, and the definition which the writer uses to get her very own point across works brilliantly. The topic is grasped though in that there are multiple aspects of content and that there are multiple factors and even causes and effects. That these outside effects and even variables change and even alter the way in which content is viewed or even displayed to the people who are trying to understand this.


The argument which is discussed as a bold side note on page 183 that there is a real danger in the ignoring of content is something which I agree on. Because if there is an ignorance which is displayed by the ignorance of the aspects and the conditions around us as writers it both affects and changes the outcome of how exactly someone or even something is portrayed. The statement that any field that ignores it has the possibility to show favoritism or even a partiality to a particular group of people or subject. The description of how content can be just as dangerous as it can be helpful was a good point as well. The mention of how in the form of centralized CMS technologies could bring both writers’ work and to their status.. That the worst case that it can bring about is that it could make the act of writing seem like that of filling out paperwork, or even make it seem that it is like one of many other menial tasks which have to be done throughout the day. The quote which I enjoyed was when the writer mentions by quoting Dave Clark that “it is a change from writing entire documents to writing and tagging content modules and handing over presentation to a machine that automatically implements and organizational guide.” The mention of this shows exactly how content can alter or even change our own perspectives and the way in which we see writing.


When Writing Becomes Content.

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