An Afternoon at the Movies

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An Afternoon at the Movies

The movie theater which I frequently visit was once again a pleasurable experience which never ceases to amaze. The service is always amazing, the theater is always clean and I have never walked away lacking any sort of enjoyment from attending the theater in Hiram. The theater is not even one of the more fancy theaters which has seats which can recline, nor does it even have people who will bring you food to your seat in the theater. The theater is dear to my heart because of the fact that this is the theater which my grandmother and myself used to frequent up until her death a few weeks ago. The people at the front of the movie theater were as always cheerful and amazing, and making me feel as if I go to the movies too much because of the fact that they recognized me. The environment was that of a Sunday afternoon, meaning that everything had that almost lazy feeling because most people would rather have a kip than to go see a movie on a Sunday afternoon.

Hiram Movie Theater

The movie which I went to go see was the movie Christopher Robin because this was the movie which I had been planning to go see, but had put off going to see because it was a movie my grandmother and myself were going to go see. The movie struck home to someone who grew up with stories of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Eeyore and all of the rest of the characters of the Hundred Acre Woods. The movie portrayed perfectly that aspect of how some of us get so invested in working and striving towards a goal that we somehow forget to actually enjoy and live our lives.

The experience which I truthfully enjoy when going to the movie theater is that there is not as many people who usually go to this theater on Sunday afternoons. Because that is when I truly enjoy the movies, is when there is no one around and I can take in the movie quietly and without a large outside influence caused by talking and even interruptions.

The movie theater was clean as always and gave insight to the fact that even though this is a smaller theater there is still a value placed upon keeping its customers and patrons happy. The movie came on also without any problems as of such and the people surrounding me in the theater were not obnoxious and or even talking during the theater. Which is another excellent feature about this theater. The fact that when people get too loud or even distracting in this movie theater there is the staff which will escort the person out. There was one occurrence during the Avengers Infinity War when there was a man who was louder than he should have been and they escorted the man out.

The movie started with the fifteen minutes of previews which I really do not remember except for the fact that there was no preview for the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts and  and the Crimes of Grindelwald. When the movie started I felt such a wave of nostalgia from just the beginning which made me want to tear up because of the fact. The portrayal which Ewan McGregor did of an older Christopher Robin was phenomenal, which nothing less should have been expected of the man who has portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Christian from Moulin Rouge, and even the main character in the movie Big Fish. The incredible surprise during the movie was the fact that the movie had the actress Hayley Atwell who portrayed Agent Peggy Carter in the movie Captain America the First Avenger and the television series Agent Carter.

The movie constantly kept my attention because of how you do not exactly know how things are going to end up for Christopher Robin and his own family which he has know because he has grown up in the real world. The fact that he has grown up and you know that the family which he has will get their happy ending does not ruin anything in the slightest. The real part that you become so invested in is the fact that you want to know just how exactly Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and the rest of the characters help bring about the happiness which Christopher Robin deserves.

At the end of the movie I left feeling light-hearted and ecstatic because of how the movie ended, which even though I have spoiled a good many things I would rather not spoil the ending of the movie Christopher Robin for you. The movie is a must see though and I would recommend the movie to anyone. 

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