Caroline Herrin is the mind behind the idea of Lionheart CCH. Caroline enjoys anything which pertains to reading, writing, and for the most part anything remotely artistic which is why she is working towards an English major. Caroline is working on her book which as of yet still remains untitled but it is a constant work in progress.

The story which Caroline is working on currently  begins when the main character’s own family is murdered and it begins to delve into the reasons as to why exactly both of his parents were murdered. The main character constantly deals with the pain and the loss which the death of his family has brought and the secrets and betrayals which brought about their own death.

Caroline is not writing for any specific organization or even any type of journal but continues to write for her own self online, subject to the review of her readers.
The genre which she chooses to mainly focus on is the fiction genre which she has always enjoyed writing. The reason behind this being that she enjoys the art of storytelling which is being able to get a reader involved in the story which is being described to them. May the story be fiction or nonfiction.

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What I learned this semester

I learned this semester more about formulating and creating a webpage which was more than interesting to say the least. I learned more about myself in that my writing interest does not simply apply to just writing works of fiction or even to fan fiction. I learned as well that I enjoy writing articles and I learned that I really enjoyed writing articles about different movies which have true stories or which are linked with true stories.

Another aspect which I learned incredibly more about was how not to write in passive voice when writing an article. Because I found out that this was a huge problem which I had in writing.

Caroline Herrin Resume

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